Doughboy’s giant 22-foot swimming pool (1955)

Doughboy’s giant 22-foot swimming pool

Low cost fun for the whole family… Big enough to swim in…built to last for years!

A real full-size swimming pool you can enjoy all summer long … for season-after-season of wholesome family fun!

This new 22-foot Doughboy Family Pool is a full 42 inches deep — BIG enough for the biggest adult; gives youngsters plenty of room to practice their swimming where you can keep an eye on them.

And you can put it up yourself in an hour or less on any level ground — no digging; no expensive installation; no costly servicing or maintenance. At summer’s end, just fold it up and store in the convenient shipping carton. Steel-mesh sides and Dough-boy’s exclusive Forti-Plyed construction with heat-sealed seams guarantee year-after-year of the toughest use.

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See this new Doughboy 22-foot Family Pool at your dealers now! (Doughboy rigid-side pools also available in 18-ft., 12-ft., and 8-1/2 -ft. sizes; prices begin at $50.00.)

Jun 13, 1955 Doughboy swimming pool

Smaller Doughboy pools


with Doughboy inflatable plastic toys and pools. All are built to last season-after-season with Doughboy’s exclusive Forti-Plyed film (two layers of tough plastic, permanently bonded together) and patented heat-sealed seams. Colors and decorations are part of the plastic — won’t wash or fade out.

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A sturdy, roomy pool youngsters will be content to play in for hours! Tubular steel frame goes together in minutes without screws or bolts. Heavy-duty pool liner lasts for years; nothing to inflate. Plenty of fun-filled extras, too: four steel “clip-on” corner seats; die-cast aluminum “shower” attaches to any garden hose; decorated “Waikiki” pattern bottom. See this new type pool at your dealers now. Prices begin at $10.00.

1955 Doughboy swimming pool - Backyard beach

1954’s “Miss Universe”, Miriam Stevenson, wearing new 1955 Catalina bathing suit exclusively created for this photo.

Doughboy Pool accessories

BULGY the whale. 44-in. long, 21-in. wide. $2.25
AQUA-PUP the Dog. 15-in. wide; 13-in. high; cute floppy ears. $2.00
RIGID FRAME POOL, 4 ft. x 6 ft. Tubular steel frame is easy to assemble (no screws used); vinyl-impregnated canvas pool. $20.00. Others at $14.00 and $35.00.
TIPPY the Sailor Buoy. Weighted bottom keeps him upright. $2.00
SWIM PADDLES –Junior-size frog men’s special! Only $1.00 a pair!
SWIM VEST. Kapok-filled for real buoyancy. Wonderful idea for “beginner” water toy. Four sizes; prices begin at $5.00
2-RING POOL, 9:2 in. deep, 65-in. diameter. 3-color deco-rated bottom; repair kit; filling and inflating device. $10.00
3-RING POOL, 14!, in. deep, 90-in. diameter. 3-color decorated bottom; repair kit; filling and inflating device. $30.00
SPLASHER the Frog. 48-in. long, 30-in. wide. S3.00
BEACHBALLS. L6 in., $1.00; 20-in., $2.00; giant 28-in. $4.00.

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