Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

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Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

You can see the difference in a Dormeyer!

Here’s the only portable mixer with 9 full-powered speeds!

It’s a totally new kind of portable. It’s the new 1957 Dormeyer… completely redesigned and styled like a new car! Comes in white, pink, turquoise or yellow with chrome trim.

Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

Dormeyer exclusive-9 speeds! It’s the first portable mixer that gives you as many useful speeds as a standard mixer, the biggest, fastest whipping beaters of any portable!

Convenient — Stands upright. No mess when you stop mixing to add ingredients. Dormey stands on end — beaters drain into mixing bowl. Has automatic beater release.

Stores in a drawer. You might want to put it out of sight, but isn’t it nice to know this compact, lightweight, portable can be tucked away in a drawer. It’s just 8″ long!

About the vintage Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

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  1. I have a 50s Dormeyer Mixer but lost the beaters. It’s a Model 8400. Do you know where I can find the correct beaters for this machine? Thank you.

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