Cute, colorful bathroom decor & accessories (1993)

You can spend 5 more years hating your old bathroom…

Old bathroom

Or in less than an hour & less than $100, you can have a new one

Introducing a new collection of beautiful shower curtains, towels, More Than Terry bath mats, and dozens of other bath accessories you can enjoy matching and color-coordinating.

Cute, colorful bathroom decor & accessories (1993)

Don’t just sit there. Do something.

You can spend years trying not to look at your bathroom, or in a little more time than it takes you to watch a sitcom rerun, you can practically have a new one. With new Collage. With shower curtains that go beautifully with dozens of other color-coordinating bathroom accessories. It’s easy to find a design you’re wild about and to find exactly the color you need. And it’a not hard to find everything you want, without running around the whole store.

Cute, colorful bathroom decor & accessories (1993)

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