Antique needlepoint sampler (1950)

Antique needlepoint sampler

A century-old record of embroidery stitches and designs that are just as adaptable today as they ever were

by Roxa Wright, needlework editor

We are all familiar with needlework records made by young ladies of the American past. These samplers, or exemplars, as they were first called, were just what their name implies — samples of stitches and designs and also of skills. But we do not so often see the lovely needlepoint embroidery their European contemporaries were turning out.

This sampler, of European origin, is from the fine collection owned by Mrs George B Eisler of New York, gathered during her frequent bicycle trips through Bavaria and Austria some years ago. We think its quaint designs, so carefully documented more than a hundred years ago, could easily be adapted for modern use.

The all-over patterns might be duplicated effectively on furniture covers, pillows, or purses; the borders used wherever a band of needlepoint would be desirable.

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