Retro pink kitchens for you and me: Pink, white & black home decor from the 1950s

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The modern fashion in floors

What a wonderful, work-saving center the modern kitchen-dining area is! The dining table can be just a step away from the sink — yet separated from it so much there’s a minimum of “kitcheny” atmosphere. And how easy it is to keep such a compact area sparkling clean when you have a modern plastic floor of Armstrong Excelon Tile.

Because Excelon is made with vinyl plastic, the colors are unusually clear and bright. The smooth, tough surface isn’t harmed by grease — sweeps clean in a jiffy. Any room, even the basement, can have this practical floor, and at very low cost.

Pink decor in the modern kitchen-dining area

A wider view of this pink kitchen decor

A cute black and pink flooring pattern in a 50s dining area adjacent to the kitchen

A white brick linoleum floor for your pink kitchen? Why not – it was the fifties! (1956)

Red, charcoal black and retro pink kitchen decor with barstools and fireplace wall

Red, charcoal black and pink kitchen decor with barstools and fireplace wall

Another retro charcoal and pink kitchen color scheme

Retro charcoal and pink kitchen color scheme

This dashing floor with the gay harlequin flavor is… so very practical

Pink, white and black kitchen tile home decor from 1958

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