A peek at antique New England netting (1950)

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Historic New England netting

by Roxa Wright

New England nettingBorrowing the art of netting from their seagoing husbands, the women of New England found it had many decorative uses — they often made canopies for tester beds, such as the one shown above, and netted borders for the simple curtains of tobacco cloth so often seen in these old houses.

A corner detail of this type of curtain, with fringed netting trim, is shown at right at about one-quarter of actual size. For all its fragile quality, netting is tough and of course washable — and needs only drying on a sunny, windy day to restore its original beauty.

Miss Rachel Hawks of Old Deerfield, Massachusetts, owns the canopy above. She has made many such pieces for museums and historic houses.


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