8 cute & cheap shell design vintage crafts (1974)

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8 cute & cheap shell design vintage crafts (1974)

8 low-cost crafts in shell designs

by Ann B Bradley

Inspired by shells and sea life, these lighthearted craft delights are easy as a beach breeze to make. The eight charming designs, done for us by Kathryn Stoll, use materials at hand, inexpensive fabrics or scraps, and easy-to-come-by yarns and sewing aids from Coats & Clark.

1. Dye-craft shell pillow in muslin is simply scallop-shaped, then RIT tie-dyed in subtle shell shadings.

2. Canvas deck or beach mat is stenciled in pastel shades of instant shoe coloring.

3. Afghan looking like a gift from the sea is crocheted with shell ribbing in opalescent colors.

4. Seascape roll-up placemat with ties is a pretty whimsy of cotton remnants appliqued on canvas with easy zigzag machine stitch.

5. Starfish pillow cover combines lacy crochet over yellow cotton.

6. Tie-on chair pad of stuffed shell puffs is done with printed remnants.

7. Shell-shaped rag rug features a unique pile, achieved by shirring strips of less-than-new printed or solid sheets, then stitching them to canvas in seashell swirls.

8. Sea-urchin pillow cover is quick-knitted on fat needles in pretty, pale yarns.

8 inexpensive shell design vintage crafts


Cute & cheap shell design vintage crafts

8 inexpensive shell design vintage crafts


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