Old-school color-changing liquid pregnancy tests & ovulation predictors (1980s)

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Old-school color-changing liquid pregnancy tests & ovulation predictors (1980s)

Old-school color-changing liquid pregnancy tests & ovulation predictors (1980s)

First Response home diagnostic kit (1985)

Am I pregnant? New First Response. The truth in 20 minutes.

New First Response Pregnancy Test is the most sensitive ever perfected. It’s based on breakthrough technology from the makers of Tampax tampons.

The test is simple to do and easy to read. You’re pregnant if the liquid turns a distinct blue, and not pregnant if it remains clear. Results cannot be affected by vibration or movement as they can with ordinary tests.

First response test tube 20-minute color-changing liquid pregnancy tests from 1985

Vintage color-changing liquid pregnancy tests (1987)

“Darling, of course I’m sure. I just did my First Response pregnancy test.”

“But how can you be so sure, so soon?”

“Darling, with First Response, you don’t have to wait days or weeks to find out the truth anymore. I just did the test, and today’s the day I’m due! It took only minutes, and it’s as accurate as any lab. And I know I can rely on my result. Because First Response is simple to do, and so easy to read. I’m pregnant if the liquid turns blue; not pregnant if it stays clear. That’s it. There’s no second guessing.”

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First Response pregnancy test 1987 - color-changing liquid pregnancy tests

EPT Early Pregnancy Test TV commercial (1984)

This television ad for color-changing liquid pregnancy tests features actress Dana Delaney

Vintage color-changing liquid pregnancy tests: First Response Ovulation Predictors (1987)

When your heart’s set on having a baby… First Response Ovulation Predictor Test predicts the day you’re most able to become pregnant

First Response can be a big help when you want to have your baby. That’s because there’s only one day in the month a woman can become pregnant — the day she ovulates. First Response predicts that day in advance, so you and your husband know when to try. This is very important if you’re having difficulty conceiving a baby, or don’t want to spend months trying.

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First Response Ovulation Predictor Tests (1987)

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