Jump rope to get thin (1898)

One way of getting thin

From Harper’s Bazar

The glory of having discovered a way of getting thin and of keeping in good condition when one is deprived of a usual means of exercise must rest with the wife of an English officer in India.

As sometimes happens after a long illness and its subsequent confinement, this lady found herself, when able to move about again, almost twice her normal size. She could not walk, nor was she able, through nervousness, either to ride or to enter into outdoor sports. One day, she thought of the skipping rope of her childhood. After a few weeks’ practice, she begun to gain in health and to decrease in size.

She made a dally record of 600 skips. As she exercises several times a day, her record represents the sum total of her day’s work.

Her custom has been widely followed. Women accustomed to outdoor exercise, and made wretched by confinement indoors or to a limited area, use the skipping rope. Practiced with prudence, no other form of exercise, it is said, is equal to it in its beneficial results, or accomplishes greater wonders in reducing flesh.


Photo: Children jumping rope on the White House lawn during annual Easter egg roll (1898) by Frances Benjamin Johnston

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