You deserve a break today: McDonald’s (1972-1973)

Feed the family for four dollars (1972)

At McDonald’s, you get a Big Mac, fries, a chocolate shake, a cheeseburger, fries, a Coca-Cola, a fish sandwich, fries, an orange drink, a hamburger, fries and a strawberry shake. For less than $4.00.



Smile & say cheeseburger (1973)



Man does not live by bread alone (1973)

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. The sandwich where the meat really takes over.



Taking the teacher out to dinner (1973)

Not long ago, one kind, one court jester, one witch, one damsel in distress, one villain, three peasants, one knight and shining armor and one dragon took their third grade teacher out to dinner. Her Big Mac, fries and strawberry shake cost each of the kingdom’s subjects about eleven cents. A mere pittance.



A fish story that’s easy to swallow (1973)

McDonald’s Fish, Fry ‘n Pie Dinner.

Try out Filet O’Fish Sandwich — a flaky fish filet, special sauce and cheese on a tender bun. A large order of McDonald’s world-famous French fries. A hot apple pie. And a large soft drink. That’s McDonald’s Fish Fry & Pie Dinner. It’s a great fish story you’ll believe as soon as you taste.



At McDonald’s, we serve you the real thing (1973)

At McDonald’s, our policy is to serve you the best products we can. So to serve our great hamburgers with a second-class soft drink — well, we just wouldn’t have it. Coca-Cola — It’s the real thing.


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