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Point rationing to start here March 1

The following questions and answers released by the Office of Price Administration are designed to acquaint the public with further details of the point rationing system now being instituted to insure the equitable sharing of certain foods in the United States:

Q. May War Ration Book Two be used by any member of the family?

A. Yes, Ration Book Two — like War Ration Book One (now used for sugar and coffee) — may be used by any member of the household to whom the book is issued. Any member of the family may use all the family’s ration books.

Q. Will processed baby foods be rationed on the same point system as foods for grown-ups?

A. The processed baby foods that are made of strained or chopped fruits, vegetables, or meats, or combinations of these, put up in sealed glass or tin containers are included in the ration order. Canned milk, canned milk formulas, and canned prepared cereals will not be rationed.

Q. Suppose I have used all my family’s point stamps and then run out of baby food?

A. You should learn to make your points last throughout each ration period, just as you now budget your money for food to last until next payday.

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Q. Will I have to surrender ration stamps if I eat a meal in a restaurant?

A. No. You may continue to eat in restaurants just as you do now. Restaurants will be rationed in the total amount of processed foods they may buy according to the number of meals they serve.

Q. My daughter is away at school. May we use her ration book at home for food for the family?

A. No. Your daughter’s Ration Book Two, like Ration Book One, will be used by the dormitory or sorority house in which she eats, to buy her share of food while she is living away from home. She will bring her book home with her when school is out.

Q. My housekeeper lives with her own family, but eats all her meals at my house. Should she give me her Ration Book Two or does she keep it for the use of her family?

A. If she eats all her meals at your home she should give you her ration book so that you can buy her share of rationed food. However, such arrangements are entirely voluntary, and you may make any arrangements you wish that satisfy you both.

Q. How will I know how to budget my ration stamps?

A. The point value of all rationed foods will be published and posted in each store at the beginning of each ration period. You will also know how many “points” your family will have to spend during that period. If you know that you must have a certain number of cans of baby food during a ration period, you must set aside enough stamps for this particular purpose to buy them.


Top photo: Chicago OPA worker checking the authenticity of ration stamps under ultraviolet light

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