What to put in the medicine chest (1908)

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What to put in the medicine chest

A medicine chest may contain just a few simple remedies or be stocked with a very large number of different articles, all of practical use in their way, depending upon what sum is to be expended in the furnishing and upon the skill of the person who will administer the contents.

Some medicines that are necessary in the average household are cascara sagrada, used as laxative; aromatic spirits of ammonia, for the relief of sick headache or as a stimulant in case of shock or faintness.

Sweet spirits of nitre, for slight fever.

A two ounce jar of white vaseline will be useful, and so will a packet of court plaster or New-Skin.

For a cold in the head, a roll of medicated cotton will be valuable. A small piece placed in each nostril will give instant relief.

A box of improved mustard plasters, 10 packed in a tin box, and the same number of belladonna plasters; come in handy at times.

A bottle of two grain quinine pills comes next on the list.

Boric acid is inexpensive and is an excellent antiseptic.

Camphorated oil for the relief of sprains and as a mild counter irritant for sore throat is excellent, as is also chloroform liniment for external use.

Witch hazel salve, for sores, bruises, burns, abscesses, etc., will be found useful.

Carbolic salve or zinc ointment may be used for flesh wounds, boils, etc.

Sterilized gauze bandages should be included. They come in 10 yard lengths, in widths varying from one to four inches wide. A medicine glass will also be necessary.

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