Vinegar Dumplings A fruity old-fashioned favorite -1943

A dessert favorite in Reconstruction Days

“I was a child half a century ago, we couldn’t get canned fruits, and we had to depend on dried fruits for most of our sweet pies,” writes Mrs Leila K Elliott, Auburn, Georgia. “My mother originated her own recipe for a vinegar dumpling that we liked very much and I’m sure the Almanackers will like it if they give it a trial.”

Vinegar Dumplings recipe

Morella, Caroon and and the Cherry Reynolds of Brentford -1812Make a short biscuit dough and roll a piece round and thin to cover the bottom of a greased pie pan, and brown in oven. Roll another piece of dough thin, cut in strips, then, short pieces of the strips for dumplings. When the bottom crust has browned, place the pan on top of stove and put into it:

4 cups boiling water
4 tablespoons good vinegar
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons butter

Let boil briskly while you drop the dumplings in until it reaches the proper thickness. Roll piece of dough thin for top crust. Dot with butter, sprinkle with teaspoon of sugar and place in oven to brown.

Mother would vary sometimes by using thin toasted biscuit crusts instead of the dumplings and adding a few crushed whole cloves. We liked it both ways and hope you will.

Mrs Elliot, We asked several old ladies to sample your recipe for us. Each of them seemed pleased to be reminded of a dessert that they had enjoyed in their childhood. They agreed with you that there were many days when any kind of fruit was not to be had at any price. Growing children in those days longed for something sweet, just as young people do today. Your Vinegar Dumplings reminded two of the old ladies of the only dessert known in their homes just after the War Between the States. – Mary Lee Swann

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Source publication: San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas)

Source publication date: May 30, 1943

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