Use mold pans for cakes, cookies & more (1908)

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Use mold pans for cakes, cookies & more (1908)

Be your own caterer

Every one remembers the gingerbread novelties of the days of his youth. There was a fascination about the gingerbread animals that didn’t belong to the plain round cakes made of the same dough. It did seem such a pity to bite off the heads of those animals, and many a small chap would lay them away for this very reason and keep them for months.

The gingerbread animal in former times was the first sample children ever saw of the result of baking in molds. It often came across the childish mind to wonder how the figures were obtained. To those who were not of an inquiring mind, the result was all that was necessary. It never occurred to them to ask how it was done.

It isn’t only cake pans that mold articles of food into queer shapes. Candles can be made to take on the shape of anything in the world. Ice creams and dainties of all kinds are fashioned into forms to commemorate or celebrate any event. Figures of animals are represented, all kinds of flowers are imitated — there is no limit to the forms of molds. Everything on the earth and in the waters and under the earth is faithfully reproduced in form by the molds of the modern caterer.

At wedding luncheons, the ices are molded to represent the bridal flower; if an automobile luncheon is given, the guests calmly wreck snowy cars with their ice cream spoons. No matter how fantastic the idea of a hostess may be, the caterer graciously rubs his hands together and smiles his ability to grant her wish.

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