Tupperware containers in poppy, burnt orange & brown (1982)

How to pack a punch

Prepare, serve and store beverages in this one-gallon Tupperware Pitcher. Push-Button Seal adjusts for storing or pouring. Burnt orange or brown.

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How to box a lunch

The Pak-N-Carry lunch box keeps lunch fresh in four sealed containers packed inside. Lets you prepare ahead, refrigerate overnight. Poppy or brown.

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How to save a bunch

Keep vegetables crisp in an Easy Crisp container from Tupperware. Seals out drying air. Special grid stores vegetables above moisture. Come to a Tupperware Party for fresh ideas on storing and serving food.

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How to say hello to a good buy

Attend a Tupperware Party between December 7 and January 16, and you can save $2.00 on this new Classic Sheer Small Mix-N-Stor pitcher. One-quart, see-through pitcher with snap-cap pouring spout has clearly marked standard measures on one side, metric measures on the other.

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