Trick your sweet tooth: Sun Flakes cereal with NutraSweet – no sugar added (1980s)

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Sugarless cereal - Sun flakes from 1985

Sun Flakes announces the sweetest surprise ever found in a box of cereal: No sugar added. (1985)

Open a box of new Sun Flakes brand cereal, and you’ll find the wholesome goodness of wheat and rice, or the delightful crispness of corn and rice.

But best of all, you’ll find… no sugar added. Zero. While other cereals have up to 55% sugar, Sun Flakes are lightly sweetened 100% with NutraSweet instead. For a deliciously light sweet taste your whole family will enjoy. And that’s more than just a nice surprise. It’s a cereal you can really feel good about. The taste you’ll feel good about.

Sun Flakes cereal with Nutrasweet - New flakes from 1985

TV commercial for Sun Flakes cereal with NutraSweet (aspartame)

How to trick a sweet tooth (1987)

Deliciously sweet without sugar.

Taste Sun Flakes brand cereal, the only crunchy whole grain cereal lightly sweetened 100% with NutraSweet, not sugar.

It’s so delicious, your sweet tooth will never know the difference. But the rest of you will.

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Sun Flakes cereal with NutraSweet (1987)

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  1. I’ve been a diabetic for over 20 years and yes l always brought the cereal name Sun Flakes, l got us to the taste, l enjoy it. And know that l can’t find it in the grocery stores. I would like to start buying the cereal again. There no other cereal for me to purchase in places of the Sun Flakes.

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