For a tote-lunch: Texas open-faced sandwiches (1961)

For a tote-lunch – Texas open-faced sandwiches!

Cut in fourths, swap pieces at the picnic

For a tote-lunch Texas open-faced sandwiches 1961

Directions: Remove top and bottom crusts of an 8- or 9-inch round loaf. Cut loaf crosswise in 4 or 5 round slices and spread generously with a mixture of butter, cream cheese, shredded American cheese, and finely-chopped onion. Cut slices in fourths (speeds up serving later) and fit each slice into its own carrier — an 8- or 9-inch foilware pie pan!

Now top each open-facer with a meat or cheese combination. At left, the topper is salami roll-ups, and slices of tomato, cucumber, and hard-cooked egg. Right, it’s tuna (or shrimp) salad with tomato, avocado, and ripe olives.

For no-crush toting, fasten another pie pan on top with rubber bands or tape — lid also helps to keep chilled sandwiches cold. Don’t forget to take along salt and pepper shakers. Melon makes easy dessert. Away you go!

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