Tips for dining al fresco (1908)

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Dining outdoors

An outdoor dining room is a great luxury and is not always difficult to arrange.

A portion of the piazza which is secluded should be screened off and enclosed in wire mesh. In most sections of the country, this is necessary to comfort on account of flies, though in olden days in the south a small colored boy with a long peacock feather brush was considered a satisfactory substitute. A round rustic table which will look well at all times and be useful for other purposes and simple piazza chairs are the only essential furnishings.

In order to insure privacy, a natural screen of vines is attractive, or one of Japanese matting which will roll like a shade may be used. Doilies instead of a cloth should be used on the table, and a bowl of fresh flowers should always stand in the center.


Image: Dining outdoors with friends from Farmer’s boy, courtesy NYPL

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