The yummiest, best-eating Christmas cookies ever (1966)

Extra-special cookies for Santa

Cookies for the jolly gentleman from the North Pole must be extra special — extra special at Christmas too for little boys and little girls and the grown-ups. That’s why we’ve baked up a batch of the yummiest, the best-eating Christmas cookies ever. Their very names are tantalizing enough to get you rushing to the cookie sheet!

On the trays below are Coconut Dreams, Almond Jelly Tarts, Maple Nut Lace Cookies, Ginger Date Chews, Pecan Rings, Fruited Brandy Strips, Coconut Meringue Wreaths, Glazed Sugar Cookies, Snowflakes, Checkerboard Cookies, Ribbon Cookies, Christmas Spritzes, and Strufoli. To identify these pretty cookies and for their recipes, please turn to page 98.

christmas-cookies-dec-1966 (1)


Christmas cookie recipes: Coconut Dreams, Almond Jelly Tarts, Maple Nut Lace Cookies, Ginger Date Chews, Pecan Rings

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Recipes for Christmas cookies & treats: Royal frosting, Glazed Sugar Cookies, Ribbon & Checkerboard cookies, Christmas Spritzes

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Tasty Christmas cookie recipes: Coconut Meringue Wreaths, Fruited Brandy Strips, Strufoli, Lucia Buns

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