The use and abuse of food

  • ButcherLamb, veal and fowls are delicate and healthy diet for the young and sedentary and far all who find fat meats and those of coarse fiber disagree with them.
  • Butter is nutritious and generally healthy.
  • Condiments — pepper, ginger, etc. — are best during summer. They re productions of hot climates, which show them to be most appropriate for the hot season. On the other hand, fat beef, bacon and such foods should be most freely used during the cold weather.
  • One of the most usual causes of dyspepsia among business men and girls arises from the haste in which they swallow their food without sufficiently masticating it, and then hurry away to their active pursuits.
  • There ought to be at least one hour of quiet after a meal from these pursuits which tax the brain as well as those which exercise the muscles.
  • It is injurious to eat when greatly fatigued or heated. The diet should always be more spare, with a large proportion of vegetables and ripe fruits during summer.
  • Fruits are most wholesome in their appropriate season. The skins, stones and seeds are very indigestible.
  • Rich soups are injurious to the dyspeptic. Much liquid food is rarely beneficial for adults.
  • Rich gravies should be avoided, especially in the summer season.
  • Most people drink too much because they drink too fast. Drink little (better not at all) during meals. If much is taken, especially at dinner, it hinders digestion.
  • Go to bed early and rise early.
  • Eat simple food, take plenty of exercise and do not fear a little fatigue.
  • Do not read or sew at twilight or by too dazzling a light.
  • Have your bedroom well-aired. Never have the wind blowing directly upon you from open windows, but open them from the top and keep open all night. It is not healthy to sleep in heated rooms.

Illustration: The Market Assistant (1867)

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