The supermarket check-out cash register (1966)

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What happens when “the office machines company” enters your supermarket?

You exit faster.

New Victor cash registers are designed to step up the tempo of any check-out line. Their keyboards respond instantly to the lightest touch, and eliminate the time-consuming chore of pre-sorting taxable and non-taxable items.

Victor, America’s largest manufacturer of adding and calculating machines, also prints business forms in mile-long sheets for computers, makes an Electrowriter system that permits remote teaching, provides on adding machine for borne use, offers the only desk-top electronic calculator that employs space-age micro-circuitry, and makes the only golf equipment approved by the PGA.

So if you should happen to miss as at school, office, home or golf course, look for us the next time you do the family shopping. Some “office machines company”!


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