The best Christmas cookies we know – and we know hundreds

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Christmas cookie recipes: Almond Stars, Jamborees & Wreaths

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Recipes for Christmas cookies: Christmas  Trees & Almond Slices

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Christmas cookies to make: Recipes for Fruit Bars & Pecan Dainties

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PS to cookie makers

Store them properly

Follow the storage directions given with each recipe, and store each type of cookie separately. When freezing cookies, we suggest placing them in a rigid container, to prevent breakage.

Serve them festively

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Try serving cookies in containers not usually used for this purpose — a divided relish dish, tray or lazy susan — with a different kind in each section and somewhere, a few greens, sparkling balls. or colorful ribbons. Use foil-lined baskets, and shiny molds or cake pans in star or tree shapes. Cover containers with saran or foil until serving time to keep cookies crisp. A covered wide-mouthed jar or covered compote is a wonderful choice. Cookies look pretty and are protected.

Gift wrap them gaily

For hand delivery, arrange cookies in boxes, or in something that will be attractive and useful in itself — plastic refrigerator or freezer containers, plastic berry baskets; metal molds; muffin pans; glass quart measures; bright bowls; and ever so so many easy-to-come-by items. Just be sure the cookies are protected by moisture- greaseproof-wrapping, and kept in a cool place.

Don’t pack crisp and soft cookies together — wrap each separately, then together.

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  1. Lurene

    I am looking for the recipe for the Jam Creamette Cookies that appeared in the Best Christmas Cookies We Know. Published by Women’s Day in 1956. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thank you


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