Squirt is for grownup tastes (1962)

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When taste grows up… Squirt shows up

Squirt is for grownup tastes

When you give up lolly-pops for good, you’re ready for fine, dry Squirt.

Squirt’s not sweet like other soft drinks. In fact, it’s definitely dry. It starts with sun-ripened citrus fruit, the very costliest kind. Then it goes through an exclusive extraction process for a natural dryness, a quality dryness never before achieved in soft drinks.

Squirt’s a fine, dry cooler that fixes your thirst, with never an after-thirst. It’s a quality mixer that sparkles your drinks and never dulls drink flavors. That’s why more and more people with grownup tastes are switching from sweet drinks to Squirt.

Has your taste grown up to fine, dry Squirt? Take home a six-pack today, and find out.

Switch from sweet to Squirt.

1962 When taste grows up Squirt shows up

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