Rank your favorite TV dinners from the 60s! Were you all about the iconic Swiss steak or the famous fried chicken dinner?

Rank your favorite TV dinners from the 1960s

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This one’s for the Boomers! What were your favorite TV dinners when you were a kid? The 12 meal options shown below were available from Swanson’s back in 1961.

We want to see which meal wins in the battle of your favorite TV dinners

Rate your favorites up, and share which ones didn’t tickle your taste buds with a down vote! After you’re done voting, reload the page to see if the rankings have changed.

Do you have an old TV dinner you loved but that isn’t included on this list? Leave a comment, and we’ll look into adding it! (Take a look at some modern-day equivalents here.)

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Fried chicken

Fried chicken vintage TV dinner

Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese vintage TV dinner

Turkey and dressing

Turkey and dressing vintage TV dinner

Creamed chicken

Creamed chicken vintage TV dinner

Sugar-cured ham

Sugar-cured ham vintage TV dinner

Fried shrimp

Fried shrimp vintage TV dinner

Swiss steak

Swiss steak vintage TV dinner

Meatloaf in tomato sauce

Meatloaf in tomato sauce vintage TV dinner

Pork loin TV dinner

Pork loin vintage TV dinner

Filet of haddock

Filet of haddock vintage TV dinner

Beef in gravy

Beef in gravy vintage TV dinner

Chopped sirloin beef

Chopped sirloin beef vintage TV dinner

After voting, reload this page to see how the rankings have changed!

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