Puss ‘n Boots, Raggedy Ann & Peter Rabbit dinnerware (1972)

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Special Offer! Betty Crocker Storybook Dinnerware

Take this opportunity to surprise the little people you know with their very own dinnerware designs by Oneida in NEW Puss ‘n Boots, Raggedy Ann ‘n Andy or Peter Rabbit.

Mothers love it, too. Storybook Dinnerware is crafted of durable Melamine with an all new thermoplastic mug that’s stain resistant. Note the new style no-tip plate which is handy for beginners.

All pieces are designed to take the frequent use and rough handling a child’s “very own dishes” often receive. And wouldn’t it be handy to have an extra set available for “short-notice” gift giving. You’d expect to pay $5.50 in stores for a child’s dinnerware set of this quality. Yours for only $3.50 during this special offer.

Complete the gift with child-sized flatware in Oneida Community Stainless from six Betty Crocker Coupon Catalog patterns. Orders received by November 20 will be sent in time for Christmas.


Discover more savings on hundreds of beautiful items in the Betty Crocker Coupon Catalog included with your order. Save the Betty Crocker Coupons found on over 175 General Mills products.

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    1. Nope! Melamine can actually explode if you microwave it. Also, when it gets too hot the melamine leaches into your food. At best, it gets really hot and you’ll burn your hands getting it out.

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