Perfect cakes: Peach, strawberry, lemon & more (1965)

Peach, cherry, pineapple, strawberry, lime & lemon

Perfect, in French, is parfait. And parfait, in American, is a dreamy dessert, often with fruit for a base, often with a great, rich, creamy topping to crown it.

Well, it’s here in a cake you’ll call perfect: It uses fruit lavishly in the filling between layers and in a heavenly seven-minute frosting.

perfect-fruit-cakes-flavors-jan-1965 (1)

The Peach Perfect has lots of frozen peaches in it, and even a peach-tinted batter; Strawberry Perfect is made with the frozen berry halves; the cherry employs a canned cherry-pie filling; the pineapple uses canned crushed pineapple, while the lemon and the lime are tangy with the grated peels of each, top, bottom and between.

Recipes for the cakes (and for shortcut versions made with mixes) are [below], along with recipes for fillings and delicious seven-minute frostings. Next time you want a light cake to serve after bridge or a substantial dinner, try perfect Perfect!

perfect-fruit-cakes-flavors-jan-1965 (4)

perfect-fruit-cakes-flavors-jan-1965 (2)

perfect-fruit-cakes-flavors-jan-1965 (3)

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