Pass the Buc-Wheats cereal (1976-1982)

General Mills made Buc*Wheats cereal starting in around 1971. The original buckwheat/wheat flakes had a maple flavor, which was replaced with a honey flavor in 1982… and then Buc*Wheats simply disappeared from supermarket shelves, leaving many to suspect that the switch from maple to honey was the kiss of death for the brand. (If you were a fan of the original, one blogger notes that Fiber Plus Caramel Pecan Crunch is a good modern-day substitute.)

Here are two print ads for the stuff, along with a peppy TV commercial from the mid-seventies.

New! Buc-Wheats is nutritionally improved (1978)

Now, compared to this bacon and egg breakfast, Buc*Wheats gives you more vitamins, more iron, 80% of the protein, 50% less fat


Try new Buc*Wheats (1982)

The only high-nutrition cereal with a touch-of-honey taste!

Pass the Buc… Pass the Buc*Wheats! (1976)

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