Olive oil for your health (1905)

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Glass bottle of olive oil.

Uses of olive oil

Sometimes Dame Fashion shows a startling amount of good sense, “considerin'”, and one of the most sensible things inaugurated of late is the taking of olive oil as a food and medicine.

Physicians have advised such uses of the oil, but it has only been of recent date that it has become a “fad.” It has been proven in many cases to be not only a corrective of the liver, but a food for the system, as well, and is of great benefit for weak stomach and bowels.

The dose is usually a teaspoonful of the oil, to be taken a half hour before breakfast and a half hour after supper. The oil may be freely used on vegetables and in salads, as it is harmless. Its use may be continued for years, and in assisting the liver to do its work (it is in most cases mildly cathartic), the complexion is cleared of the ugly brown spots and leathery yellow appearance due to torpidity of the liver.

It is not expensive; a quality of native-grown oil can be had of the grocer for 20 to 50 cents per bottle French measure (which is less than the American), but the best imported is to be had of the druggist, costing for a full pint about 75 cents. The taste is not unpleasant, although a liking for it has, in most instances, to be acquired. But very few effective medicines are really fine flavored.

Many physicians strongly recommend its uses both internal and external. It is excellent to use after the bath, and many delicate persons — especially children — are greatly benefited by being massaged with it.

Glass bottle of olive oil.

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