No rule book needed to choose the right champagne glass (1965)

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Today, you don’t need a rule book to choose the right champagne glass. Or the right champagne. (Only Taylor is America’s favorite.)

Certainly you’re not in the best frame of mind to enjoy champagne when you have to worry whether you bought the right one.

Or have the right glasses.

Relax. All the glasses shown are correct (Even, in desperation, the paper cup.)

And there’s no question when you buy Taylor Champagne. More people choose it than any other.

Either our lively Dry Champagne. Brut — very dry. Festive Pink. Or Sparkling Burgundy — our robust red champagne. We even price them all the same. And ferment each in the bottle for the same premium quality.

You see, we patiently blend from a variety of the choicest native and French-American Hybrid grapes of our famed Finger Lakes vineyards. And from the best wines of different years.

How many bottles should you keep chilled, There’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow.

Taylor Wine Company, Hammondsport, New York — We uncomplicate wine

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