New Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toastettes crackers (1968)

Nabisco announces New Sparkling Toastettes

New Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toastettes. With a  shimmery new glaze on top. A little touch of sugar that makes a big difference. Makes the crust taste crustier. Crunchier. And a little bit sweeter, too. And this beautiful new topping tops a beautiful new flavor: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toastettes. (All sugar and spice and nice inside. All flaky and crisp and sparkly outside.)

The taste of homemade pastry only a baker could bake. Baked with Nabisco quality with a touch of inspiration and a just-right recipe. And a sparkling glaze that makes Toastettes the one toaster pastry you don’t have to toast. (They’re that delicious right out of the box.)

Sparking Toastettes. Great anytime. They’re sure to set off some sparking conversation. Even at the breakfast table.


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