Mr J C Penney: Got milk? (1958)

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Before the “Got Milk?” campaign started in 1993, Missouri-born James Cash Penney went on record to tell the world that milk did his body good. Born on September 16, 1875, the founder of the store chain with his name, lived until he passed away on February 12, 1971 at the age of 95.

J C Penney talks about milk

“I drink lots of milk, eat plenty of plain foods, and do a great deal of walking,” says J C Penney, 82-year-old Board Chairman of the retail store chain he founded in 1902.

“I’ve never outgrown my need for milk, either,” Mr Penney added. “I think the dairy farmers and their American Dairy Association deserve a big hand from all of us. They’re doing a great job for milk and the foods made from milk.”

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