Miracle machines: The latest food processors (1977)

Miracle machines: Chef’s Delights

cuisinart-food-processor-vintageSome critics claim that the only cook who really needs a food processor is one who must feed a dozen lumberjacks three times a day. Others say they actively enjoy chopping and slicing.

But James Beard, an early convert to the processor — and co-editor of a recipe book distributed with the Cuisinart — scoffs at “kitchen snobs who will not accept modern technological perfections. I’m perfectly certain were Escoffier or Montagne alive today, they would be happy to use a food processor.”

Indeed, many serious cooks say that short of a Bocuse in a bottle, the best friend they have is a processor.

>> Enter the Cuisinart (1977)

There are more than a dozen on the market and new ones have been popping up every few weeks. Companies that make mixers have been adding attachments that will do the same tasks as food processors.

Some 750,000 processors have been sold in the US so far this year, with projected 1978 sales of 2 million.

Vintage book: Cooking with the Cuisinart, by Roy Andries de Groot

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