Luncheon dainties

Egyptian lotus

Place eggs in cold water, boil 10 minutes, drop into cold water, shell and lay in warm water; if they become cold, petals will break. Cut eggs through the whites from small end to nearly base, forming seven petals; lay back carefully, placing on nest of bleached lettuce hearts. Do this to prevent handling again; remove yolks and with a dainty bit of cloth and cold water rub particles of yolk off. Mash the yolks, add one tablespoon butter, one cooked red beet, pinch of salt, a bit of caviar, a little mustard and paprika. Form into balls, flatten and lay on white petals; press around edge with fork and make holes in center of ball, leaving it slightly roughened. For buds, press a ball size of pecan between two long-stemmed watercress leaves and, twisting stems, lay on lettuce with lilies. Serve with mayonnaise.


Cut stem end from sweet bell peppers and remove seeds, then stand them in a baking dish and fill with creamed oysters. Cover with the stem part and bake until the peppers are soft, but do not shape. Garnish with parsley and serve.

Moon sandwiches

Cut thin slices from round sandwich bread, spread with butter and add thin slices of California cheese. Place on top of each a slice of the buttered bread and fry in butter till a delicate brown. Serve while warm.

Fruit delight

Sift together half cup each of graham flour, corn meal, white flour and brown sugar and one and a half teaspoons baking powder. Fill a good-sized cup with seeded raisins, currants, candied pineapple, cherries, chopped walnut and pecans. Add to this sifted ingredients. Mix all together with three-quarters cup milk, adding a little salt. Steam two hours in individual molds and serve warm with brandy sauce.

Brandy sauce: Cream a half cup butter and one and a half cups sugar. Add three well-beaten eggs and mix well. Just before serving, add one cup boiling water and half wine glass brandy.

Banana tarts

Line 12 tart molds with rich pie crust and bake. Remove from oven, and when cool, line each shell with sliced bananas. Then fill with a rich French custard cream and decorate top with thick whipped cream, sweetened and flavored to taste. Place a candied violet on top of each.


One cup cooked, peeled and mashed chestnut pulp. Add to this two tablespoons cream, two egg yolks, slightly beaten, one tablespoon sugar, one tablespoon sherry and a little salt: warm and mix thoroughly. When mixture is cool, add the whites of the eggs, stiffly-beaten, and mold into small oblong balls. After they are cold and firm, dip in egg, then breadcrumbs, and fry in deep fat. Drain on blotting paper and serve very hot.

From Mrs C L Russell, Jr. 133 W. Kern street, Tulare, Cal.

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Source publication date: February 16, 1913

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