The long, wide taste of Dr Pepper (1959)

This ad appeared in the pages of the very mainstream LIFE magazine in the late 1950s.

The long, wide taste of Dr Pepper

A description for folks who have never had the pleasure first hand

Dr Pepper is a very m-m-m-m flavored soft drink, with a bit of iciness around the edges. It’s sparkly and playful, and glad to the taste. The fruit formula is secret, but there’s no disguising the live-it-up feeling it gives you inside.

Dr Pepper isn’t one of those timid, tip-of-the-tongue drinks. It has a taste that’s W-I-D-E enough to cover the far corners of a big thirst… L-O-N-G enough to reach clear down to where laughter begins. There’s nothing else in the long, wide world that tastes like Dr Pepper.

If Dr Pepper isn’t sold where you live, you have two choices: you can move — lock, stock and barrel — to a more fortunate locale. Or you can wait til it does come to your town. With so many people asking for Dr Pepper, chances are it won’t be very long.

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Frosty, man, frosty

Dr Pepper Company – Dallas, Texas

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