Lemon desserts: Fancy & fast (1971)

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Fancy lemon dessert recipes

Recipes: Lemon layer wedges, Lemonade roll, Lemon creme parfaits

vintage-lemon-dessert-recipes-march-1971-bhg (1)

vintage-lemon-dessert-recipes-march-1971-bhg (3)


Fast lemon dessert recipes

Recipes: Tutti-Frutti lemon, Slice-o-lemon pudding, Lemon fluff squares

vintage-lemon-dessert-recipes-march-1971-bhg (4)

vintage-lemon-dessert-recipes-march-1971-bhg (2)

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  1. I’m looking foe a no-bake cheesecake from the late 50’s. It contained plain lemon jello, pet milk, Philadelphia cream cheese with graham cracker crust.You had to almost freeze the Pet milk before whipping. I don’t remember how much sugar or vanilla or other proportions. Can you please help?
    Betsy Rall

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