John Lennon for Hormel Chili? (1971)

The man in this drawing on this Hormel ad isn’t specifically identified as John Lennon, but everyone around here who looked at this ad thought it was a pretty obvious likeness of the Beatle, as he looked in the early seventies. What do you think?

Hormel Chili. It’s not exactly tame.

john-lennon-c1970Hormel makes the best-liked chili north of the Rio Grande.

What’s the secret? We won’t tell you everything, but we’ll drop a few hints.

Good red beef. We chop it small, then simmer it into juicy, meaty nuggets.

Plump red beans. A choice, western-grown variety, firm and flavory.

Rich chili spices. Blended just right to temper the fire, but to keep the heartwarming glow.

Choose your temperature. Now there’s Hormel Regular, lively enough for most folks, or Hormel Hot, for fire-eaters!


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