Introducing the new toaster that’s an oven too! (1957)

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Introducing the new toaster that’s an oven too!

The new General Electric Toast-R-Oven makes perfect toast “upstairs” or “down.” Heats bread and rolls, toasts buttered bread right at the table!

Here’s something really new in toasters. The General Electric Toast-R-Oven does just about all your toasting, warming, browning jobs right at your table. Makes toast “upstairs” to any delicious shade you want it. Keeps it warm “downstairs” in the oven. Just set the oven dial for warming rolls, buns or muffins. And it’s all so simple! You’ll love the easy convenience of the General Electric Toast-R-Oven. Love its compact beauty, too.

Why not see it at your General Electric dealer’s soon. General Electric Company, Ponable Appliance Department, Bridgeport 2. Connecticut.

Toasts 2 slices Warms 6


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