Food value of alligator pear high

Southern fruit may be served in many attractive ways

The avocado, or alligator pear, a salad fruit of the tropics, is not a newcomer to northern fruit markets. Its food value is high, according to government statistics, containing over twenty percent fat, and that is in the most digestible and easily-assimilated form. The ways in which the avocado may be served are legion.

Ideas for the avocado/alligator pearIt is most delicious eaten like cantaloupe for breakfast; it needs a little lime juice or salt and pepper to bring out the best flavor.

A dainty luncheon entree is made by carefully dividing the fruit and removing the meat, adding the yolk of one hard boiled egg and one tablespoonful of French dressing for each fruit. Press this through a sieve and pile on top of the half shells, put the white of the eggs chopped fine, a sprig or parsley and a bit of chopped red pepper. A savory filling for sandwiches is prepared by mashing the pulp and mixing with olive oil, salt, nutmeg and tarragon vinegar.

The avocado is capable of many salad combinations. As an ingredient of lobster or other shellfish salad, this fruit is finding much favor as it imparts a nutty flavor not otherwise obtainable. It also combines well with grapefruit and tomatoes.

In Florida, a popular salad is made by adding two parts of both diced fruit, one part of chopped Bermuda onions, with salt, pepper and vinegar to taste. Sweet peppers, red or green, may be added. This should be prepared several hours before it is to be served so the flavor will be well-blended. This makes a good sandwich filling.

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Source publication: Rochester Evening Journal (Rochester, NY)

Source publication date: February 22, 1923

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