How to set the lunch table correctly

The table is set for the meat course. The placing of knives and forks is the same as for breakfast except that there are two of each instead of one. The two forks, berry spoon, bread and butter plate and shakers are on the left; two knives and water glass are on the right. The salad or berry bowl is in front of the place opposite the hostess. At the right is placed the tea sets. The carafe and cracker bowl may be placed wherever desired.

The incorrectly laid table is slightly exaggerated, but is no worse than some that may be seen. If the cups had been placed upon the down-turned plate, the dishes heavy, warranted-not-to-break china, the table would look like one in a railroad restaurant. It took longer and more trouble to mix up the dishes than it did to set the table correctly in the first place.

The correct tablesettings:

1899-How to set the lunch table correctly (1)


An incorrect dining table setting:

1899-How to set the lunch table correctly (3)

The set is Haviland china. Table set by the Emporium.

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, Calif.)

Source publication date: August 20, 1899

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