How to make good coffee

Please tell a multitude of small families how to make a good pot of coffee. We are prepared to send our percolator to the scrap heap if you advise it. – LFW

I am not at all prepared to advise it. On the contrary, I have drunk delicious coffee made in a percolator, just as I have had good from half a dozen different kinds of coffee pots; and have drunk boiled coffee that was hard to beat by any other method of making.

To my mind, the secret of good coffee consists in care in measuring, mixing, and making, quite as much as in the kind of coffee pot used. The trouble is often found in a reckless putting together of water and coffee with a generous confidence the result will be all right. Only a few days ago, a veteran housekeeper told me blandly that she never measured the quantity of coffee or of water she used. “I just guess at at,” she said, and I ceased to wonder at her complaints of indifferent coffee.

Coffee how-to

Either for boiled or drip coffee, I allow a full tablespoon of finely-ground coffee to a cup of boiling water. If for breakfast coffee, the cup is the breakfast size; if for after dinner coffee, the size of the spoon is the same, but the cup is the small, or “demitasse” size.

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When I make boiled coffee, I stir in the shell and white of an egg, with a little water with the ground coffee, pour on my measured boiling water, bring it to a boll, and cook for ten or fifteen minutes, boiling steadily, but not permitting it to boil over. Then I throw in a little cold water to check the boil suddenly, stand the coffee pot to one side so that it will settle, and pour the coffee off carefully so as not to stir up the grounds.

When I make drip coffee, I pour the boiling water slowly upon the ground coffee in the percolator, and after it is dripped through, turn the water into a heated vessel, and then let it again drip through the coffee grounds. The oftener the dripping process is repeated, the stronger the coffee. Never let it boil in a drip pot of any sort.

I always make the coffee with freshly-boiled water and do not let the coffee stand after it is made.

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Source publication: The Washington Herald

Source publication date: October 26, 1913

Notes: Marion Harland's Helping Hand

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    Publication: The Washington Herald

    Publication date: October 26, 1913

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