Hot cling peaches for breakfast (1960)

Look what you can do with cling peaches hot!

Lighten up the grayest morning… put a warm glint of sunshine on your table… coax bored winter appetites.

Hhot cling peaches are such a bright, golden, wonderful way to meet the something-different-for-breakfast challenge! Cling peaches make the perfect “match” for breakfast meats — and you’ll discover heating really brings out their very special half-tang, half-sweet flavor.

Yes, do heat them! Baked, broiled, or quickly simmered in a saucepan, you can always count on cling peaches to hold all their flavor, their plump, pretty shape and sunny color during cooking.

Cling peaches hot… one more delicious reason why cling peaches are so easily the sunniest way to brighten any meal!

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