Hi-C: The wholesome family drink (1950)

Hi-C — the wholesome family drink

Its refreshing fresh orange tang makes you glad you’re thirsty!

Drink all you want — It’s enriched with Vitamin C

These summer days… keep plenty of delicious Hi-C in your refrigerator. Children love its fresh orange tang. Grownups love it, too.

So delicious… so wholesome. Hi-C is made from juicy, tree-ripened oranges. It’s enriched with Vitamin C and dextrose. One 8-oz glass gives you 30 milligrams of Vitamin C – daily minimum requirement for an adult.

Just chill and pour… Hi-C is a ready-to-serve drink. Always ready for summer’s many “thirsty” moments. Best of all, you can let the whole family (even the youngest of them) drink all they want. Hi-C is not carbonated.

Your grocer has Hi-C – the original canned orangeade, in both the big 46- and the handy 12-oz sizes. Better buy Hi-C by the case – or you’ll wish you had.

Non-carbonated… ready to serve… economical! (96 big glasses per case!)

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