Guide to easy entertaining: Centerpieces (1958)

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Centerpieces for your dining table

What makes a party? Three simple ingredients: a beautiful table, an appetizing dinner and the festive touch of candles and centerpiece.

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Permanent centerpieces

tablesetting-centerpieces-dining-1958 (1)The return to fashion of the permanent centerpiece favored in grandmother’s day is demonstrated by the ever-increasing numbers of artificial fruits, flowers, vegetables and ceramic figures available in variety stores all over the country.

Choose colors and objects which harmonize with your linens and china and fashion an inexpensive permanent centerpiece. Not only will it add to the year-round beauty of your room, but it will always be available for last-minute, spontaneous entertaining.

Tablesetting design ideas

The centerpiece: Its return to fashion gives the hostess an inexpensive, year-round decorative accent for dining or side table.

  • Pale sea shells in pewter bowl with matching candlesticks offer delicate contrast to deep pink table linen.
  • Artificial fruit in wicker basket is assortment of apples, lemons, and grapes. The candlesticks are of antique brass.
  • Study in white is made up of three white ceramic fruit pyramids separated by a pair of ivy-branch candlesticks.
  • Bowl with vegetables on cutting board is filled with Italian pottery assortment including onions, artichokes, tomatoes and figs.
  • Oriental arrangement features composition wood and metal duck in raffia basket with white goldenrod, tall grass and leaves.
  • Artificial grape clusters in copper bowl are red, purple, white varieties. The candles stand in small inverted copper vases.
  • Transparent fruit in aluminum bowl is pastel assortment of glass lemons, grapes, orange, pear and Arabian melon fruit.
  • Autumn foliage in brass-coated aluminum teapot includes artificial mimosa and sumac, tiny lemons and kumquats.

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