Fish, fortunately, is available to most people in some form. If not fresh — canned, smoked or salted fish can usually be procured. Either canned fish or fish left from the boiled, baked, or broiled fish of a previous meal can be used in the recipes which follow:

Fish Timbales

one cup salmon, tuna, or gray fish
one cup softened bread crumbs
one cup boiled rice or hominy or mashed potatoes
one teaspoon salt
one-eighth teaspoon paprika
one egg
one-fourth cup milk

Mix ingredients in order given. Pour into small buttered molds, place on rack in pan, and surround with hot water. Cover and bake until mixture is firm. Turn from molds and serve hot with an acid sauce.

Fish Mold

To make the fish mold, cook together in a double boiler until thickened:

one egg beaten until light
two tablespoons vinegar
one-third teaspoon sugar
one and one-half tablespoons cold water
one fourth teaspoon celery seed
one-half teaspoon salt

While this is softening, soften one tablespoon gelatin in one-fourth cup cold water and dissolve by placing over hot water. Add the dissolved gelatin and one cup minced fish to the sauce in the double boiler. Mold in individual cups or a large mold, which can be served sliced as jellied chicken is served, or as a salad with salad dressing.

Such cold dishes are especially appetizing on a summer day when you want something different. Why not make a salad such as the fish mold or one made from minced fish or from cottage cheese or cold beans do duty in place of meat for the staple part of the meal?

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Source publication: The Commoner - Lincoln, Nebraska

Source publication date: 1 July 1918

Notes: The Home Department (Column)

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