Festive carousel kitchen in turquoise (1966)

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Party-perfect & festive Florida kitchen

A festive carousel makes this kitchen party-perfect all the time. The original island treatment, designed by Roz Mark, AID, features a curved eating counter on the family room side, and an efficient cleanup center on the kitchen side. A gay awning sets the party atmosphere as well as the color scheme.

The round island shows good planning in every detail. A trim lazy Susan in the center holds serving dishes at mealtime — and adds to the design, too.

Electrical outlets are handy for the coffee maker, toaster and other helpers used at the eating counter. The base of the carousel is surfaced with laminated plastic, and features striped turquoise plastic to create a design and add attractive touches of color in the ceramic tile countertop.

The rest of the kitchen in this Haft-Gaines home in Fort Lauderdale is just as exciting and just as well-designed. Stamped-out aluminum inserts trim the doors of the wall cabinets — and the inserts were custom-made to repeat the curved line of wicker settees used in the family room.

Fishnet draperies in soft colors pull open to reveal a sliding glass door that links the family kitchen with the swimming pool and a poolside dining area outdoors.

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