Do things together! Be a “Fresh up” family with 7-Up (1946)

Family Day USA: “Fresh up” with Seven-Up

Do things together! Be a “Fresh up” family

A family drink… a home drink… that’s wholesome, clean-tasting, chipper 7-Up. As likable as Brother’s freckles… as appealing as Sis’ pigtails, a crystal-clear 7-Up is typically American… a truly different drink that everyone likes.

So be a “fresh up” family. Always keep a supply on hand, and “fresh up” with 7-Up as you work, play and laugh together. Order famous 7-Up at any place displaying the bright 7-Up signs.

fresh-up-with-7-up-ad-nov-1946 (2)

fresh-up-with-7-up-ad-nov-1946 (1)

7-Up: You like it… it likes you!

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