Do-it-yourself work is easier with a coffee break (1957)

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“Do-it-yourself” is easier — with a “Coffee-break”

  • Keep some baby oil or soft soap on your hands, especially the nails and cuticles, for easy wash-up after painting. For a restful, zestful “lift” on the job, give yourself an occasional “Coffee-break”!
  • Upholstering is a two-fisted job. Hold fabric or webbing taut with one hand, hammer tacks in with the other—a magnetic hammer picks up the tacks for you. A good, full-bodied cup of coffee makes work easier.
  • Less chance of the big ones getting away if your equipment is in top order beforehand. For tops in coffee every time, too, use 1 Standard Measure (2 level tablespoons) for each 6-oz. cup of cold water.
  • What’s the pleasantest way to avoid “Gardener’s back”? — a “Coffee-break”! Planting hint: don’t skimp on stakes — tie up all the young plants you want to grow strong, straight and healthy.
  • Smart carpenters when working in hardwoods, use soap on screws or saws. And they cool off with good Iced Coffee. Hint: Freeze coffee cubes in refrigerator trays and use with regular strength coffee. It won’t dilute.


Now with the job well done, you owe yourself a rest and a reward — a “special recipe” coffee! For the colorful 32-page booklet, “Fun With Coffee,” send 25¢ and your name and address to the Coffee Bureau.

There is nothing so satisfying as a good cup of coffee

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