Coco Wheats hot breakfast cereal (1962)

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Do your kids “eat like a bird” at breakfast?

Here’s how you can get your children to eat a good breakfast — and love every taste of it!

Maybe you don’t have this problem in your home. Even so, when you switch to Coco Wheats, you’ll discover a breakfast flavor that rates mighty high with children. A cereal that has all the advantages of a HOT cereal with a flavor that kids love and never tire of… the taste of creamy hot cocoa.

Youngsters go for the satisfying taste of Coco Wheats. And all the while, it helps them grow big and strong, because it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals including extra Vitamin D.

Serve up some Coco Wheats first thing tomorrow. See if your little ones don’t love hot cereal all of a sudden!

More good news! You can fix Coco Wheats in less time than it lakes to make your morning coffee.


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