15 tips to be a cool & cook-less cook this summer (1955)

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Be a cool and cook-less cook

1. Don’t peel potatoes if you’re serving them boiled. You’ll save work, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Do consider the disposable paper or plastic plates, napkins, etc. They’ve never been more practical and gay.

3. Don’t cut up or snap green beans. After breaking off the ends, cook the beans whole. They take just a little longer to cook, but not much.

4. Do cook several vegetables together in one pot or skillet.

5. Don’t make sandwiches for a picnic lunch. Take along the makings, and let everyone create his own.

6. Don’t do unnecessary utensil washing. Cook and serve in the same skillet, pot, double boiler, or baking dish. The food stays hotter, too.

7. Don’t cream hard butter or margarine to soften for spreading on bread or toast. Have some at room temperature.

8. Do make every step pay. Use trays or baskets to carry dishes, food, etc, to and from the indoor or outdoor table, the cook-out grill, freezer, or such.

9. Don’t bother to cut tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and lettuce for picnic eating. Provide a paring knife for making wedges or chunks to be eaten by hand.

10. Do serve whole fruit, with or without cheese, for a good cookless dessert.

11. Do remember to try the brown-and-serve products for hot breads.

12. Do enjoy the sunshine if you have an outside spot where you can do such jobs as shell peas and Limas, husk corn, hull berries, and grind things in the food chopper. It keeps you and the clutter out of the kitchen.

13. Do avoid heating the oven, by making top-stove “casseroles” — make the casserole mixtures in a skillet, and sprinkle with crushed potato chips or browned buttered crumbs.

14. Don’t heat oven for frozen French-fried potatoes, shrimp, fish sticks and fillets. Use covered skillet instead.

15. Do make good use of any freezing space you have. Bought or homemade ice creams and sherbets make welcome summer desserts. Cups, bars, sandwiches, and ice-cream sticks save dishing up and dishwashing.

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