Pepsi Cola: Bracing & invigorating to start the day right (1916)

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“My! Pepsi makes me feel ready for a good day’s work”

Nothing to put you in prime fighting trim — to make you feel like work — like Pepsi Cola.

Clears your mental decks for action — exerts just the bracing and invigorating effects needed to start the day right and keep at top speed through the long afternoon.

For all thirsts, Pepsi-Cola



One of the times to say Pepsi-Cola!

Just when you get home in the evening, after a long, hot, sticky day — and you’re tired and thirsty — that’s the time to say “Pepsi Cola” to “friend wife.”

That long, thin, tinkly “ice-bergy” glass just seems to sharpen up appetites for dinner…

antique-pepsi-cola-ad-1916 (3)


Here he is — good old Pepsi Cola!

The most successful “thirst-killer” that ever was. Never was a thirst, not even one of those dry, “cottony” mid-summer thirsts, that had a chance with Pepsi Cola.

It goes just like lightning when this tall, tinkly, “ice-bergy” glass of Pepsi Cola heaves in sight.

antique-pepsi-cola-ad-1916 (1)


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